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Willow's Grove

25th November, 2010. 8:46 am. Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving today and have lots of good things to eat :) We'll be having Italian today at my place, so I look forward to a couple meals later on of leftover lasagna, and not a week or more of leftover turkey!

Current mood: happy.

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14th October, 2010. 9:30 am. Mice

Okay, anyone have any experience with getting rid of mice? It appears I've had one/some move in and, as they're not paying rent, I need to get them out.

Suggestions for what works or not in getting them out of my house, preferably that won't lead to rotting carcasses in the walls or other hard to get to places? Also, how best to clean up after them?

I'm very creeped out by my visitors and would like them gone ASAP! Thanks.

Current mood: anxious.

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22nd December, 2009. 9:41 am. Birthdays!

A very Happy Birthday to lordbrannon and special_agent_m! Have a great day guys! :)

Current mood: awake.

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11th November, 2009. 9:54 am. FYI - Wake County Library Booksale

Starts on Saturday the 14th and runs through next weekend (bag and box sale should be 22nd, I think)

Info can be found here. :) Not sure if I'll go or not as I have way too many books already.

Location has supposedly changed so double check before just showing up where you think it'll be.

Current mood: calm.

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22nd September, 2009. 9:36 am. Yuck!

I'll be happy to avoid a drive into work like today's ever again. With the rain and the traffic and the fact that my tires slipped at least 3-4 times on the drive in... I'm feeling a little stressed and I still have a full day of work to do yet.


Current mood: relieved.

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21st July, 2009. 5:36 pm. Plugging for a friend

Check out this book review from a friend of a friend, he's just getting start with this sort of thing...

The Master and Margarita: A manuscript that wouldn't burn

Current mood: awake.

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17th March, 2009. 12:24 pm. Happy

It's so nice to see the sun again :)

Current mood: cheerful.

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5th March, 2009. 9:41 am. Help - Questions

Three questions...

First - Any suggestions for local places to find decent, well put together, not too overly priced furniture? Doesn't matter the room type as I have things to replace from all over the house. I'd prefer new, but won't turn down other recommendations as well though the place will most likely have to be able to deliver. Any places you've had good experiences with or really bad ones so I should keep away from them?

Second - Anyone worked with anyone local on interior carpentry projects? I would like to have some built in shelving / office stuff installed and would like recommendations on people you've dealt with in the past. I might have other projects as well, interior and exterior, but that's the first on my list. :)

Third - I've heard about quilts being made from old t-shirts. Does anyone know anyone who actually does this sort of thing and who might be willing to talk to me about making one for me?

Thanks! :)

Current mood: curious.

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27th February, 2009. 7:21 am. Birthday!

Happy Birthday deftly! Have a great day :)

Current mood: awake.

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2nd February, 2009. 8:29 am. Birthdays!

A very Happy Birthday to joyce and flummox! Have a wonderful day both of you :)

Current mood: awake.

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